Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm a mobile geek

"Ok then...that's it."

That's what Bruce Campbell proclaims in Army Of Darkness, once he's said the magic words that will protect him from the undead.

I'm making my own proclamation that I'm a mobile device geek. I've known it internally for a while, but until the Palm Pre came out, I didn't realize how far down the rabbit hole I'd gone. Once I saw it, I knew it was over. I started reading blogs and telling all my iPhone friends that finally, there was a true iPhone killer. Truth is, I really like the iPhone. I just wanted a number pad underneath it.

But people have become really attached to their phones in a way the never became attached to their desktops, laptops or ISPs. Well, maybe in the beginning, we loved AOL, prodigy, Compuserve and the like.

So what makes people attached to their mobile devices? Is it because it can be customized unlike most personal computers? I think part of the reason is, like you car, it's always with you. It's like a piece of clothing. It represents your personality, how smart, cool or complex you are.

Around my workplace, everyone loves their iPhone and is showing all of the cool applications they've found. My group, of course is the Palm Treo lovers group, but I was beginning give up. I wanted a touch screen and a real keyboard. And finally it came... or will come.

While I don't wish any harm to come to the iPhone, let's hope the Pre is the real deal ... and that it comes out soon.

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