Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's the Web for?

The web means a lot of things to a lot of people. And many of those people believe that the web's main purpose the one they use it for. Who's right? Obviously, they all are. The important thing, is the passion of belief. Let's look at passion for a second and rate all of the media in terms of that for which individuals are most passionate:

Internet- though this could really be borken up into several pieces (blogs, networking, news sites, podcasts, etc) The web elicits the highest amount of passion because it has the highest amount of ownership. Its like a million different football teams all playing at once. We all route for our hometown.

Film-This is a bit different. While I believe that television does more to shape our lives, there's still something larger than life about the big screen. It still has a mystery, a specialness. There aren't a lot of famous TV critics out there.

Print- Again, TV does more but print still has a power. If something has actually been printed on paper, somehow it is immortal, and therefore has an effect on people. People flock back to their favorite authors. Bestseller lists are well known, and even local columnists have a loyal following that eleiciit feedback.

TV- Yes, here it is: the invisible 900-lb. gorilla in the room. It's always around. In the background. But there are so many channels now that it has literally become diluted.

Radio- The electronic media that started it all (after print) is still our faithful friend. And lately, the strong political talk shows have certainly affected our individual and nation al psyche. It could certainly challenge TV for attention. so there you have it. The top media in terms of passion by user.

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